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At Clark, we want everyone to be insured against financial hardship the future might bring, such as the death of a loved one, critical illness, or being unable to work. And that means always working with people who share our ethos and commitment.

We have a history of building strong relationships because we’re honest, upfront, and firm believers in doing the right thing.

Over the last few years, our straight-talking and friendly approach has won us many thousands of new customers, and we’ve grown from a group of twelve, into a team of more than 200 people.

Life at Clark means being immersed in a buzzing, supportive and diverse environment where everyone’s welcome and we all bring our best selves to work. We’re a friendly, smart and energetic bunch of go-getters. There are bookworms and bikers. Jugglers and pilots. Movie lovers and rugby fans. Our differences are what make every day fascinating, and our shared passion for helping families is what brings us together. We know you’d love it here, but don’t just take our word for it.

See what some of our team say about life at Clark…

  • Harriet – Active Sales Manager/Team Mum


    What do you like most about working at Clark?

    Definitely the progression. I started 3 years ago as an advisor, when there was only 7 of us. Since then, I have been promoted to Captain, and now Senior Captain. I count myself really lucky to have been able to excel in my career at a young age.


    If you could do any other role within the business, what would you do?

    CEO? No, I’m joking! I’d quite like to go into Marketing. The business started that way and was super creative, and now Polly and Tom are becoming household names. It just looks really fun – and I would have liked to meet Tyson Fury…


    What advice would you give to someone just starting here?

    Just to grab the opportunities as they come, listen to those who came before you, take that advice and run with it. We work hard, but we also play hard, and as soon as you can get yourself stuck in, the opportunities are endless.

  • April – L&D Advisor/Dino Fanatic


    Tell us a little bit about your role

    I’m a Learning & Development training advisor, so I do the inductions for new starters, and I carry out training in the background with both the inhouse and remote teams to help them improve their performance and help them progress.


    What do you like most about working at Clark?

    It has to be people – I like literally everyone I work with, which isn’t always the case! Everyone has such different personalities, but they’re all so welcoming and you make friends with people you never thought you’d be friends with. Coming from hospitality I thought everyone would be tucked away in little cubicles, but it’s super open and loud (and chaotic!) but I love it!


    Any final words?

    What’s really special is the extra support you get. If I ever have childcare issues, everyone is so supportive. You never have to feel bad about life happening, which is a big thing for me as a parent.

  • Suthep – Protection Advisor/Basketball Coach


    What do you like most about working at Clark?

    In my past life I was a gym manager and premier basketball coach, so I come from a totally different background. One of my clients worked at Clark, so I signed up as an advisor and haven’t looked back. I love how social it is, the unlimited barista level coffee, and how working here meant I could afford to fly home to Thailand for the first time in 11 years.


    How has working here helped you develop your skillset?

    My communication skills have definitely improved – I’m more confident in talking to people, being a proactive listener and managing conflict – both in and outside of work. Although it can be hard to turn it off, which my partner doesn’t always appreciate…


    Any final words?

    For my first office job Clark has really set the bar high. When I thought about insurance before I thought about Mr Incredible (from The Incredibles) sitting in his cubicle, but it’s not like that at all. There’s lots of teams, and everyone works together to pitch in.

  • Paige – Anorak Captain/Insurance Veteran


    What do you like most about working at Clark?

    I’ve worked at a lot of insurance companies where you’re just a number. But with Clark I can honestly say that everyone is equal. Even as an outsider being brought into the fold, we are included in everything. We’re not Polly, Tom, Anorak or Winston – we are Clark.


    What advice would you give to someone just starting here?

    Just be yourself! So often in a new job you think you need to be someone else to get noticed but the great thing about Clark is you’ll get noticed for who you truly are. I started as an advisor less than a year ago, and they have opened so many doors for me, paid for the qualifications I needed, and I can honestly say I would never have gone into higher management without them.


    Any final words?

    It sounds cheesy, but even if Anorak hadn’t become part of the Clark group, I would still have chosen to work here. Everyone I know in Insurance has heard of the brands – and they are always asking me if there are any jobs going!


We’re hiring! Find available positions at Clark UK over on our LinkedIn page.

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